CardioConnect Mobile App
The CardioConnect Mobile App enables Patients to connect Bluetooth-enabled FDA 510(k)-cleared monitors for remote monitoring. The patient data is automatically and periodically synced with the cloud-based backend. The synced data can be reviewed by Providers and Patients using the simple and dynamic dashboard.
  • Hardware-agnostic Software
    The CardioConnect Mobile App allows Patients to use Bluetooth-enabled FDA 510(k)-cleared devices to measure blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen, and temperature.
  • Two-way chat and Advanced AI-Chatbot
    In case of any health-related inquiries, Patients and Providers have the option to communicate with each other via the in-app Chat Feature.
  • Automatic Measurements and Data Transfer
    Through the CardioConnect Mobile App, Patients can use Bluetooth-enabled FDA 510(k)-cleared devices to take measurements with the click of a button. Via Bluetooth, the data from the monitor is automatically transmitted to the mobile phone.

    The mobile phone then uses an internet connection to periodically send the data to the cloud-based software for further analysis and review by medical professionals. If the Patient’s monitor is not Bluetooth-enabled, the Patient has the option to input the data manually into the Patient Mobile App.
  • Appointments and Video Calls
    Patients and Providers can request appointments using the built-in Appointment Scheduler. The request can be accepted or rejected. If accepted, the Provider can launch the scheduled video call from the cloud-based software, allowing Patients and Providers to meet face to face.