About Us
CardioDiagnostics develops proprietary solutions to monitor Patients remotely. Our team of experts is working together to meet the market needs and solve existing problems in the healthcare industry through our research-based engineering power.
CardioDiagnostics is a medical technology company specialized in cloud-based solutions, bringing cutting-edge Remote Patient Monitoring technology to the US market. The company has a global reach from its US base, with an open-minded ethos and an inclusive approach to care. It is genuinely focused on improving lives.

CardioDiagnostics offers a long-term arrhythmia monitoring solution that allows Patients to be properly diagnosed, therefore preventing the deterioration of their condition. The solution also helps reduce the risk of strokes and prolong Patient lives. The combination of the cloud-based secure HIPAA-compliant software and 24/7 monitoring center service allows Patients to live their lives normally while being taken care of by Providers. Providers are given all the data they need to make informed diagnoses and take action accordingly.

CardioDiagnostics recognizes the need for chronic condition remote monitoring, and offers a full-fledged Remote Patient Monitoring solution. The HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based solution allows Patients to pair their Bluetooth-enabled FDA 510(k)-cleared monitoring devices to the CardioConnect Mobile App and quickly record and send vital sign measurements to their healthcare Providers. In turn, Providers can access Patient data from the CloudBeat RPM Web Application anytime and anywhere, allowing them to stay connected with their Patients, and take proper action when needed.
Our Focus
CardioDiagnostics develops cloud-based and mobile technologies and analytics, empowering Patients to take actionable steps to manage their chronic conditions. We focus on linking providers of care with Patients seamlessly.